Guitars, Basses, Ukuleles at Original Music School

A new shipment of Guitars, Basses, and Ukuleles has arrived.

We are really expanding our offering of Musical Instruments at the Original Music School. We carry a nice selection of New, Used, and Factory Reconditioned instruments including Guitars, 3/4 size Guitars, Basses, Short Scale Basses, Acoustic Guitars, and Ukuleles. We currently have Instruments from makers such as Fender, Epiphone, Schecter, Cort, Ibanez, Daisy Rock, and Gretch.

Guitars in Morristown, NJ

Student Size Guitars and Basses

We teach many young people so we carry 3/4 size guitars that are a little easier for a smaller person to handle and learn on. In addition we also carry shorter scale neck Bass Guitars for younger students. We recommend starting students on the proper size instrument so they are not overwhelmed by it and can actually learn to play. Smaller sized instruments also have small diameter necks which is much more suitable for younger player’s smaller hands.

Daisy Rock, Fender Guitars

Super Value Guitars at great prices

We also offer Factory Reconditioned Guitars at the Original Music School. Why, because we have found them to be a great value. Our certified re-manufacturer receives guitars from¬†¬†Fender, Epiphone, Schecter, Cort, Ibanez, Daisy Rock, Gretch, Ovation. and others that have minor flaws. Minor meaning a couple scratches or nicks so the instruments cannot be sold as “New.” Our re-manufacturer sends each instrument back through an inspection, certification, and set-up line so when the guitars emerge they are certified, professionally set-up, and better than anything we have seen come off the self at a big-box store. Even better they are 5-20% less than any price you will ever find. We guarantee each instrument, any problem is handled by us, in Morristown, and we also include a free padded gig-bag at no cost. Come take a look at a few of these you will be shocked at the value!

Guitars, Bass, Ukuleles